Jamie "Dubs" Wilkinson

I am the co-founder and CEO of VHX. We were recently acquired by Vimeo.

Previously I helped create Know Your Meme, won a Primetime Emmy for my work on Star Wars Uncut, and was a member of the Free Art & Technology Lab (F.A.T.).

Contact me: @jamiew on Twitter or email "jamie@thisdomain.com"

I love open-source software and publish code on github.com/jamiew (though I have not been programming as much lately)

Popular repositories:

There's more info about me on jamiedubs.com/press or on Wikipedia

Here's some videos I've helped make:

Know Your Meme episodes (2007-2010)

Star Wars Uncut (2010)

Empire Uncut (2015)>

FAT Lab projects (2007-2015)

Hard Drive Bombs (2007)

Meme Breaks (2008)

Obama Wikipedia page edits (2008)

Google Alarm (2010)

000000book - Graffiti Markup Language database (2010)

Occupyinter.net (2012)


XOXO Festival 2012 - VHX

Vimeo Festival (2011) "Internet Fame, Easy as 1 2 3"

Transmediale 2010 - Art 2.0 panel

TEDxSOMA (2010) - Google Alarm

Internet Famous Class on NBC (2008)

VHX (2010-present)

Animation & art direction by Erica Gorochow:

Animations mostly by Kornhaber Brown with sound design by Mike Rugnetta and Bryan Pugh